Lake Murry, Ardmore, Oklahoma

2008 National Wetbike Rally

Welcome to the Wetbike Home Page. You have found the world’s only WebSite devoted exclusively to the preservation of the Wetbike hydrofoil watercycle, an exotic type of personal watercraft. The very last Wetbikes were produced by the Ultranautics Corporation in 1992. Few units remain in service. This WebSite serves as a central location for technical and maintenance tips, parts sources, performance equipment sources and as an Owner’s Registry.

What is a Wetbike? The original Suzuki powered, 50 horsepower version of the Wetbike was introduced in 1978 by Spirit Marine, a division of Arctic Enterprises. Early advertisements marketed the product as the “Wetbike Watercycle”: A motorcycle on water with a combination of all the thrills and fun of motorcycling, boating and waterskiing. Throughout its production run, which lasted from 1978 through 1992, the Wetbike received various changes, up-grades, technical advancements, and additional safety features, the most notable changes being in 1985, the introduction of a 60 horsepower, 800cc Suzuki motor, which brought the performance of the Wetbike to the pinnacle level of being the fastest personal watercraft available at that time and the introduction in 1986 of a strong, exceptionally lightweight Metton body unit.

There are many personal watercraft produced today that reach speeds far in excess of those speeds that were achieved by the Wetbike. However, nothing found on the water today has the distinctive graceful appearance of a Wetbike or imitates the ride characteristics of all the freedom and feel of a motorcycle. Why? Because the Wetbike is the only personal watercraft that has front steering, producing an exhilarating feeling of turn carving maneuverability that no other watercraft can match. To achieve this, the Wetbike rises up on two skis to its planning position and then skims across the water as a hydrofoil watercycle. Precise cornering abilities and excellent handling characteristics are attributed to the “Hydro-Link” front suspension system, a uniquely responsive front steering system and skis that are hydro-dynamically designed, all combining to produce maximum turn carving ability and graceful maneuverability.

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